Kids Cacoy CANETE Doce Pares ESKRIMA

Kids & Junior Adults Cacoy CANETE Doce Pares (Ages 6-14)

A weapons based art, this class has a high level of focus on coordination of both the left & right sides while developing the awareness & ability to both attack & defend simultaneously with each side.

The very clearly outlined structure of this system guides our students through the techniques that are required to develop the skill-sets found in this beautifully effective art.

With classes almost always utilizing single-stick, double-stick, stick & knife or knife, the skills, awareness & abilities developed in this class translate excellently to self-defense and compliment our core system of HAWAIIAN KEMPO.

The Cacoy Canete Doce Pares Eskrima class for Kids & Juniors is structured & presented in an age-appropriate way so that our youth are able to both learn the responsibility that goes hand in hand when working with weapons while also still having fun & achieving goals that they may have previously thought were impossible.

This art is exceptionally effective for those interested in serious & seriously fun martial arts training but are tentative about punching, kicking or wrestling with another person.


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