KUMU Sharine's Bio

Sharine Metzler - Instructor

On November 5th, 2019 Sharine was promoted to the rank of Black Belt.  In doing so Sharine became the 1st woman to earn the rank of of Blackbelt in The Pit Hawaiian Kempo.  Since then there have been 3 more amazing martial artists that happen to be female and no doubt that there will be many more!

Sharine has been working with children in Malibu since 1998. With over 26 years of local preschool instruction, working with special needs adults, swimming instruction and a background in the private health club setting, Sharine’s familiarity with the way children learn is clearly displayed in her teaching style with the way that she is able to create an environment that is specifically tailored to young children, including fun, playful ways of learning the same techniques, life skills and core values that have become synonymous with The Pit Malibu.

“Teaching is the best way that I have found to retain the skills that I am learning. When you can show someone else how to perform a technique, it helps break it down into basic concepts which build a good foundation.”



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